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Christmas is our favurite time of the year - 'tis the season for decorating your home, indulging in scrumptious food, and enjoying the holiday season!  Start planning and gathering ideas - schools will be closing for the holidays and Christmas is on its way!

  • Your Xmas tree is the crowning glory of your Christmas decorations.   Spend time decorating your tree with time and love.  If you have pets, consider a tabletop tree that can stand out of harm's way - even a small, elevated tree can make a big difference and bring a little extra cheer.
  • Invest in solar fairy lights to dress your home and embrace the holiday spirit.
  • Set the tone with a hanging wreath on the front door.   Use christmas tree branches, ribbons, or ornaments - be creative.
  • Ribbon works wonders.  And it's so cheap.
  • Simplify the color scheme.
  • Go overboard with the table decorations so that when guests arrive it looks fabulously festive.  Scatter mini baubles and wrapped chocolate coins in between the place settings or candles.  Make your table sparkle with glittery accents or a few simple candles.
  • Place a few poinsettias around your home - a quick festive decorating trick.
  • Greenery - inexpensive but effective - spray the branches with a light dusting of silver of gold spray paint and glue some holly berries.
  • Metallic accessories add shimmer and shine. Mix rose gold metallics and midnight jewel tones for a luxe Christmas setting.
  • Play some Christmas music to create a festive mood.
  • Buy red or Christmas fabric and make cushions or a throw for the living area - this will immediately transfort the living area.
  • In the children's bedrooms hang paper stars and snowflakes over their beds or windows to create a magical feel. Or make foam snowflakes and dust with glitter - stick to the window to create a wintery feel.

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