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Umhlanga Rocks is the destination of choice for many homeowners and travelers both locally and internationally and has been the top performing residential market in South Africa over the last 10 years. It is the pinnacle of luxury resort-style living. In order to sustain this world class environment, Umhlanga property owners established the Umhlanga UIP (Urban Improvement Precinct) in 2003 to create a safe, welcoming and accessible tourism and residential environment, thus enhancing property values and securing investor confidence. The UIP has established private sector / municipal partnerships while delivering privately funded security, cleaning, maintenance, greening and marketing services. Umhlanga's UIP first started off by cleaning up and maintaining public spaces, demonstrating the community's pride and awareness of its surroundings. Today the fundamentals of managing crime and grime are the foundation of the UIP's success, along with delivering 4 core objectives:

  • an exceptional level of service in this affluent area
  • engage in effective crime and safety prevention strategies
  • optimize municipal service delivery and improvement of public areas
  • support healthy business activities

UIP Office: 44 Lagoon Drive - office is on the green next to the clinic.

Emergency Number is 086 111 2050 or download The Umhlanga Rocks APP.

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